Hiccups before seizures

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There are a lot of people who have auras before a seizure.  They may describe a smell or a sound or feeling they have just before the seizure happens.  Some people even describe a feeling of knowing something bad is about to happen.  My 6yr. old son recently spent an entire afternoon with the hiccups.  We had no idea what caused him to have the hiccups, but did think it was a bit odd. Later that afternoon, my son had a Grand-Mal seizure on the playground at the park where we were at.  This was one of the worse seizures he has had.  Later that day, he continued to have more hiccups and then had another Grand Mal seizure.  We had to take my son to the emergency room because of the severity of the seizures. While my son was being examined, I told the nurse that he had hiccups all day and I did not know if that had anything to do with his seizures, but I thought that it was worth mentioning.  The nurse said that she remembered something from nursing school about seizures and hiccups being related and told me to check it out on-line when I got home.  What I found out was that a hiccup is also called a Myoclonus. It is a twitching of the muscles that happens involuntary.  There is quite a bit of information about Myoclonus on Wikipedia.  It seems to refer to people having epilepsy having hiccups as well.  It makes sense since when you have a seizure you tend to have involuntary spasms of your muscles.  Seizures seem to be one of those conditions that are not well understood.  For each person, a seizure is triggered by something unique.  Paying attention to signs and little details like hiccups can help your doctor determine what is causing your seizures to be triggered.

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Hiccups before seizures

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This article was published on 2010/10/12