A Safety Home For Dog Epilepsy

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Dog epilepsy is when your dog has seizures at any time without warning. This can be one seizure or several back to back. If your dog suffers from epilepsy, it is important to make his surrounding safe. You want to be ready for when it happens and not have your pet hurt himself. There are several things you can do to make it safe for your pup.

If you cannot leave your dog with anyone while you are away, it would be a good idea to leave him in a crate. You want the crate to be padded for a bed so he can be comfortable in there. Always make sure that your dog is not in the crate with a leash or his dog collars, especially those with id tags. This can cause the dog to choke on it if it gets caught.

If you do not feel comfortable leaving your dog in a crate for a long period of time while working, you can create a doggy room. Have a room just made for your dog with padded walls and soft flooring. When your dog has a seizure he will fall to his side, therefore you do not want him hurting his head on a hard floor. It is recommended that you do not put windows in the room where your dog will be in.

You want to remove any objects laying around in the room. You do not want to leave toys in there that can cause harm to your pet. Any sharp or hard objects should be removed from the room, especially when you are not around. When your dog is having a seizure he will land on his side, stiff, you do not want him to land on one of these objects or have a sharp object poking at him, without being able to move away from it.

If you own more than one dog, it is recommended that you keep the other dogs away from the pet who suffers from seizures. When your dog is having a seizure, your other dogs can trigger a pack attack instinct against the pup who is having a seizure. This should be done even if you feel all your dogs are close and loving of one another.

Placing baby gates on your stair well can also be very helpful. This can be helpful even when you are inside the house. These seizures can happen without warning. You do not want your pet to have a seizure while he is walking by the stairs and fall down.

It is recommended to purchase a surveillance camera that you can put in the doggy room. There are several cameras that allow you to move, rotate, and watch all through your cell phone. This allows you to keep an eye on your loved dog, while you are away at work. You can also show the surveillance to your vet when you take your dog in.

Dog epilepsy can make it very hard to endure when your dog is having a seizure. You want to ensure that even while you are away your house is a safe place for him to be in, should he have one. You also want to have something available to be able to transport the dog to the vet, especially if he is a big dog.
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A Safety Home For Dog Epilepsy

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This article was published on 2010/12/30